Thank Pinterest it’s Friday! Introducing Digitally inky fingered Cat!

Yes let’s all thank Pinterest it is Friday!

Now the first few days are over and done with at least we get a weekend before we get back into some kind of routine and … Dare I say it …. Normality! Ha ha! Me and normality do not mix so well so I doubt it! Anyways … On with the blog post!

I was thinking the other day … When I lost an hour of my life to perusing the wonder that is Pinterest…. How I rarely use the stuff I see on Pinterest once I’ve pinned it! I rarely copy what’s there or use it deliberately to create anything at all!

Now I am sure I am not the only one. I know I probably do things as a result of seeing pins … But it is more subconscious than through conscious choice to use Pinterest to inspire my creations. And I basically have over 5000 pins, most of which are craft based, being pretty much ignored, but added to, on an almost daily basis! So time for that to change!

No I am not setting up a new challenge … I have plenty of those keeping me going this year … But I am going to pledge to use Pinterest in a more productive way and see what happens! And the badge I am using is …


Well the first thing I need to do is sort out Pinterest! Before they handily updated it to tell you that you had already pinned something before you pressed Pin it I had managed to accrue a fair number of duplicates … Think the most I have found so far is six postings of the same idea! Doh! How of course I was meant to remember thousands of pins I’ll never know … So I first of all have to do some filing!

When I started on Pinterest I only had a few generic boards … Such as Christmas card ideas and craft ideas… So it was time to sort those out first into the stamp set specific folders, or into technique boards etc.

This was a truly fulfilling idea … And incredibly timeconsuming … and a real work in progress! But whilst I was doing this I had a look in the Scrapbook layouts folder and wondered what to do with all that inspiration. And I decided the best idea was use them as sketches first and maybe do some digi-scrapping. So I took three pages and made three digi pages using them as the starting point, and now it is time to share them with you as a Friday feast!

I used the easy to use CraftArtist Pro software and created the pages by looking at the original and then picking a digikit. I have so many digikits as I got so many when I first started using this software, it was good to look through them again, and start playing with them!

The inspiration for this came from this blog post which I pinned.

I then moved into this page …

The inspiration for this one came from this blog post.

Finally … This page was inspired by a pin that led to CreativeScrappers website although I couldn’t find the original post … But I did end up bookmarking the site as the inspiration on the page is brilliant!


So not bad for finally remembering to use Pinterest rather than just pinning nonstop!!! I wonder what will happen next time I decide to do something with the fun that is Pinterest!

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “Thank Pinterest it’s Friday! Introducing Digitally inky fingered Cat!

  1. Nice to see Pinterest being used for good! I too am a serial pinner and have vowed to actually use Pinterest productively from now on! x

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