And now for something completely different!

Those who know me, know sewing has always been run away from, avoided and best given to my Mum! But for Christmas I requested a sewing machine as my present. Not a fancy all singing all dancing one, but one with a few stitch choices and one that I could do some dressmaking on.

Now to get a sewing machine as a present, and to actually use it to make something… Now that is a totally different thing! However it does help that my mum is an excellent seamstress and dressmaker and was ever so happy to teach me how to do things!

So first up she and the princess went shopping for fabric and a pattern. I would have gone with them but was feeling particularly rotten on the day they went so stayed at home in my cave instead. I gave them some money to get summery dress fabric and then the princess could choose what she wanted.

When they arrived back with a pattern for two dresses and two sets of fabric and I realised this meant learning for real it all got a bit scary. But my mum wouldn’t let it lie and so learn I must!

I spent one afternoon learning pinning and reading patterns and doing most of the dress, and then a few nights ago my mum said it was zip and finishing off time.

And here is the result…



Whilst I admit this isn’t the most complicated pattern in the world to understand, it was my first ever piece of clothing, and the first time I had attempted to make anything since at school when the Home economics teacher suggested to my parents that I had special needs as a result of the amount of promise I showed in her classes! So I am incredibly proud of my final product and know that now I have done this, I will next need to work on the other dress they chose the fabric for… A slightly more complicated pattern with ruffles!!! But for now I am proud!

Happy crafting!


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