Random Crafts

Documented Life catch up

It’s been a little while since I showed you any Documented Life journal stuff so I thought I would share this page I did … And immediately apologise for the rubbish picture!


Bit of an odd page this!

Firstly I was tackling two prompts at once …. Doodled borders and secret message! Secondly I couldn’t decide where to go with it after this so this is how it has stayed. It’s been like this for a fortnight now so doubt anything else will happen with it now! But I guess as I think art journalling is more about process than result I am happy regardless of the fact it is a bit odd!

I started with the doodling and tried my hand at some Zendangle. This is something I have tried but without much success in the last but I am actually really pleased with how this went this time! And it was a truly relaxing experience!


Then I wrote out a message to myself. I wrote about my One Little Word -Pace- and why I have chosen it. The instruction was to then cover the message, except one word, with paint, but I decided to only partly obscure the message by covering it in a mix of the two washi tapes I grabbed. This works quite well and also makes the page quite nice to touch. But then I am still not 100% sure the page is “finished” but as I have no clue what else I want to do with it I am leaving it for now. You never know maybe one day I will be inspired to do something else???

Happy crafting!


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