Wibble wobble gelli plate class! Preparation

This post is all about the prep I did for the Gelli plate playing class I hosted tonight. I wanted to have the lovely girls who I craft with be a bit brave and play with getting messy and a gelli plate is a fab easy way to start. But how to plan a class with something that will be different everytime you use it?!

So a few weeks ago I got out the gelli plate and the lovely new paints I had got and started to play. Now I admit the cardstock I used was actually scrap and was the backing for packs of 12×12 dsp! But in using this it did give me an idea on how we would quickly create a few different prints per person.

I started with red, cream and blue. The cream was meant to be a yellow but it turned out more cream to me … But still looked fab!


Next I tried blues and greens…


Whilst I was going along I also cleaned off my gelli plate on a piece of scrap patterned paper… This is now ultra messy!


And with the last bits of paint I decided to try to use some sticky backed plastic for the packing tape technique. It wasn’t 100% successful but I think I hadn’t put down enough paint or let it dry long enough. I ended up sticking this to a print I made with very little texture apart from bubble wrap and it looks quite nice like this I think. If I had been thinking I would have had the tin foil at the ready as that always looks fab as the background. But ho hum!


So quite a bit of printing in a couple of hours … Not bad seeing as I really wasn’t prepared to start with and gave me a lot of ideas to start my planning off for the class.

A few days later I spent some times looking at the prints and deciding what to do with them. I started by chopping up the 12×12 sheets into 5.5 x 5.5 squares to get rid of tatty edges and make them suitable to use as card toppers in use size they are. I figured this was the easiest way to tackle converting these lovely prints into something usable.


Then I stamped a couple of images out of newish stamps I have acquired. I stamped them onto white card using black and fussy cut them out. I find stamping detailed images onto acrylic never quite works well… So this collage effect is usually better. I added a mount of some scrap patterned paper too. Given the colours within the gelli prints can be quite different I figured that just having a whole load of scrap out for people to use what they like would work best for mounting them.

First up the La Musique stamp from Claritystamps.


Next the beautiful fairy silhouette from Lavinia stamps. Sorry about the rubbish photo … Not sure what happened with this but can’t be bothered to take another one right now!


Then I chose one of the blue and green prints to create this Christmas card topper using some Indigo Blu stamps. The sentiment I thought worked well cut into strips in my usual art journal method and outlined with the black and then fussy cut the snowflake border. Because the stamping on the border isn’t perfect I think it works quite well with the gelli print too… More arty! Well that’s my thought anyway!


This was my progress on this night and by this time I had made a decision that I would create samples from all eight pieces (not the sticky backed plastic piece or the scrap paper) for the class and have the stamps for people to use if they wish … But it is more likely people will only have time to make one or two card toppers and will have to take home the rest and finish at home with their own supplies. I thought the other two pieces I would use to create some art journal pieces instead…. As other examples of what they could be used for … Which will lead onto the next class I am doing with the gang!

Roll on to one week ago and I finally got round to finishing the samples.
And also took new pictures of the three above mounted on their cards!




Right so here come the other ones!


These were both using the fabulous Serene Silhouettes stamps which I usually use with brayered backgrounds but thought they worked well with these gelli plate ones too. I slightly messed up the stamping on the one with the wild flowers though so decided the sentiment stamped separately and then layered up would cover that little ‘creative diversion’!

Next up a tree based card. I heat embossed the Bare Forest Indigo Blu stamp with some black embossing powder. The shiny finish really works as contrast against the acrylic finish.


Then another Christmas card using freebie HOTP stamps I got with a magazine.


Finally… A Swallowtail card! It’s been a while since I made a card using this stamp … But it seemed the perfect choice for this Gelli Plate print!


So there you go … Eight samples made for the class … All different and all fab! Will share pics and links for blogs where relevant for what others created tonight as each persons print and finished product was different!

Such fun!


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