Finishing off the gelli plate class!

Can’t get to sleep so thought I would write up a blog post instead!

Last Wednesday as part of the class I demonstrated how to use the gelli plate and so ended up with a little stash of prints. I then got to play along with the lovelies in the class deciding what to do with them. The great news about this was I got to play with some stamps they brought with them too! Here are the prints I made and stamped up…

I heat embossed this Swallowtail with white detail powder. Missed a bit of the stamping but don’t think it matters really!

I do love this Indigo Blu stamp! Could use it time and time again. Not 100% convinced by the gelli print though … Strange how it doesn’t sing to me!

This is a mixture of Serene Silhouettes and the Lindsay Mason fairy stamps Karen brought. Lovely! Nice funky card this one!

Julie brought Summer Silhouettes with her … I now need this set if inly for these fab leaves! Also love using the Feel Goods sentiments … Such nice statements!

My favourite last! Lavinia stamps which Julie brought just seem to work perfectly with the print. Really love this one!

So this is how they were at the end of the night. I didn’t get round to mounting them on anything, partly because I was really supposed to be teaching but also because all my stuff was spread over many rooms as we were still in the midst of moving things into the spare room which is now my craft room. Regardless of them not being finished, I am still pretty pleased with them … Especially the last three!

Now going to switch off the iPad for the second time since coming to bed and attempt sleep again!

Happy crafting!


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