Documented life catch up

I am in no way keeping up with documented life project, especially not since I went back to work, but I am not putting pressure in myself to do so either! Some weeks I probably won’t join in, and others I might do a couple of prompts in one week! So there! That’s me explaining why I am not up to date!

Having said that I am still loving getting my planner out and adding to it!

Today’s share is based on week six prompt… Draw a shape repeatedly, add colour!

I started with a gesso layer over some pencil notes I made in prep for a class. Then I added circles of colour using inks and acrylic ink.

This is it still wet!

The next day I went to the dry page and outlined the circles with a sharpie in black to give them more definition. Then the next day I added a layer of lemon acrylic paint to wash them out and push them back into the page a bit.


Then it was time to add colour back in…


Next I did some doodling with different pens… Some white, some grey, some black and some clear raised gelli ones. Then also added bronze circles too.

I then thought rather than add much else I wanted to keep the clean type page and so I looked online for a quote that spoke to me and chose this one …

A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen. John O’Donohue


So this was week six done and dusted! Pleased as punch with this, simple but do you know what, such a pleasure to play and create.

Happy crafting!


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