WOYWW … Quick make from my new desk!

I am all about my new crafting space and well and truly in love with having a space just for crafting for the first time! I’ve not completely sorted the room out … But really loving grabbing time in the room to try out the space for playing!

So here in true WOYWW fashion is my new crafting space!



The desk to the left is my main desk … Although I do rather spill over onto the designated computer desk when actually crafting!
I also have pretty much all the storage to use too! And boy do I need it! Not sure exactly where I am going to put all the bits and pieces that haven’t made it onto a shelf as yet though!

So what was my quick make today …


A piece of dsp left from a scrap page I am half way through, a little stamped banner from Language of Love, a bit of bakers twine and some candy dots! Jobs a good’un!

Right time to nosey at other work desks through WOYWW!

Happy crafting!


13 thoughts on “WOYWW … Quick make from my new desk!

  1. I was pretty sure that was two desks butt up against each other instead of one crazy long one. I like it, it like having a big long counter, but in desk form. It looks like a good place to play. Good luck getting everything sorted out and into your new room. Even after you get it all into place you’ll find things to change around. It never ends. I like your quick card. Thanks for the visit earlier today and happy desk day to you! Judy #100

  2. Its great having a space just for crafting.. We didn’t get to see anyone till now. We had to take my daughters dog back to Columbus ( a 3hour drive to have his staples out and 3 hours back ) it kinda killed the day you can say. But I got a pack of new markers oh I’m so bad! lol Sissy and I 36 & 37

  3. Its great getting your own space and then organising, isn’t it? Yours is looking good. New link at #102, as my first one linked to last week. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz XX

  4. YOu do have to work and play in your new space for a while before you really settle into a good working arrangement of stuff and storage – in my opinion. But let’s face it, the joy of having a dedicated space is so wonderful that any amount of rearranging and ‘testing’ is just fine!

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