WOYWW a make for the room!

Another week has passed so it’s time to see what progress has been made on my room… These are the pics from last night … Three weeks into the great change to give me a crafting space and this is where I am upto with the bookcases that needed pixelating last week! Look tidy now … Ha ha!

Ok I confess … They aren’t really tidied … No they are all over the spare bed in the process of being “sorted”!

I have also bought these the fun cylinder basket/boxes (sorry about the dark photo!) on the top shelf of the desk, into which one has all embellishments like flowers etc and the other is stuffed full of ribbons that are not on reels.

There is a scrap page in process there … And last nights obligatory glass of wine! I really needed that last night!

And this is what I’ve made! A couple of weeks ago a visitor to the blog on WOYWW stated they were dying to put pictures on my bare walls… Well I’ve started!

I started with a notice board I’ve had in the back of the cupboard for ages which had originally been to put up in the cupboard so I could put lists on it of things to make… But I decided when I came across it whilst sorting that it could be altered a little to make a prettier notice board!


I started with a coat of white acrylic after sanding back the wood just a little … It was already pretty rough and had not been treated with varnish so it wasn’t too bad!


Next a coat of Decoart vanilla acrylic. This was brushed on quite roughly as I wanted to keep some texture in the finished work from the brush strokes.


Then I chose some scrapbook paper with this lovely weathered wood print on it, and cut it to size before mod Podge came out and adhered it to the cork.

To ground it a little more into the frame, I added some rough brushed acrylic around the edges too.

Next I rummaged through the embellishments boxes ( now in the fab cylinder boxes! ) and found lots of lovely bits and pieces, which I used mod Podge to adhere the to the two opposite corners.


Then I grabbed my distress inks and added some Wild Honey and Antique paper ink along the frame and on some flowers, and then added some pearls.

And here it is in situ…


You can also probably see the cute hooks on the back of the door in this pic too, with my Darcy Raggy doll bag hanging from it ready to put bits in for crops etc. and it also has my painting apron on it … Always need my painting apron to hand!

So off now to spy on other workspaces around the world all linked up at Julia’s blog.

Happy crafting!


12 thoughts on “WOYWW a make for the room!

  1. I have to admit thinking”what is she doing to that notice board” but the result is really beautiful and well worth your efforts. thank you for your visit this week. If you had seen my garden before things got going, you would have been horrified at the mess. I now have to go and empty the car after another garden centre raid this morning – lots of perfumed plants and thing to flower later on in the year. Hope you finish all your organisation, and get everything where you want and can get at. Have fun. xx Maggie #85

  2. Fab craft room, looks super organised (not mentioning the bed – lol). Love your altered notice board and it looks great on the wall. Those door hooks are so pretty too.
    Thanks for already coming to see my desk this week
    Sherry (no. 50 or thereabouts) x

  3. Well let’s face it, without the bed to organise stuff on, the floor would be a riot, and so it’s good! Like your treatment of the cork board..wouldn’t have occurred to me to do that!!

  4. Sorry I’m late visiting. It’s been a busy life-gets-in-the-way type of week. What a great corkboard. I see you are on your way to getting that room organized. No matter how long it takes, it will be well worth it in the end.

    Happy very belated WOYWW from #7.

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