Random Crafts

Party bags with a difference!

Yesterday we actually celebrated the birthday of the princess with a trip to the cinema and a get together at our house. This meant the joy that is party bags for the attendees to be sorted. Now I admit that I abhor the cheap rubbish we usually get and give out for parties full of sweets and often noisy and rubbish toys! My daughter loves these but usually I can’t wait to chuck them out! So I had a thought … Often dangerous … How about I make something instead!

So I hunted on amazon for some cheap pink shopper bags, then decided to create these personalised bags for the party attendees …


I used some felt to create the letters and then used an old top of the princesses to cut the circle flowers from and added bits of ribbons and a button to make a cute embellishment. I used different stitching to create a fun edge to the letter!

Next up I decided to use the leftover felt … I bought too much for the letters … To create some little matching purses!

For this I needed to create a closure though and decided on trying to create button holes using the sewing machine. Now this resulted in plenty of rethreading and trial and error but got there eventually. I was sooooooooo round of myself for doing it all on my own too!


Inside the princess made some bookmarks by stamping butterflies on one side and writing the party guests names on the other, and then I bought a pack of stationary for the girls to have and put them inside the bags! A nice and different party bag for the girls. Now just need to make a boy one for one of the girls twin brother who was upset to not get one on the night … I have promised him a boy one sometime in the future … Not sure when but sure I can come up with one!

Happy crafting!


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