Canvas and Mixed Media art

Christy Tomlinson Whimsy Christmas Reindeer!

In a moment of forgetting that I am not meant to be buying more crafting things I saw that Christy Tomlinson of She Art fame was having a sale on her older online workshops and I signed up for the Winter Whimsy course which I had toyed with the idea of doing in the past … So although I didn’t buy new stash … I did sign myself over to starting new projects! When will I learn?

So last Thursday I had the day off work and was meant to be tidying up after the class the night before and instead found myself watching the course videos and creating a reindeer picture! It really was fab fun. And as usual when it is fun, I forget to take pictures as I get carried away in the moment!

By this point I have cut some thick card to 6×6, added torn pieces of scrapbook paper with Mod Podge, and added paint (mainly with my fingers) to start off the background.

Next I added more paint using a couple of stamps and some bubble wrap and then let it dry a bit. Then I took a watercolour crayon and sketched out the shape of the reindeer, and coloured it a little with the watercolour crayon just to get a feel for the reindeer.

I then started adding the acrylic paint to create the reindeer and adding shading with the watercolour crayons and mixing the paints till I was getting the creature there. Next I cut some antlers from the scrapbook paper and from some script paper I cut the tummy part of the reindeer.

I added some snow with paint on the end of the paint brush to start creating a scene, and also lightened the bottom section to create a snowy ground. I also started adding outlines to the shape to add definition. I also had to add some features … Eyes and a nose for the little cutie! What is really funny is at this point I had forgotten his ears! What is also weird about that is Christy also forgot ears on her reindeer in the video early on in her process and I still had forgotten! I knew he looked wrong but it took a while for me to realise why!!!

I stuck to a fairly similar reindeer as Christy’s … After all hers is really cute! But I did have very different dimensions going on as hers was a large canvas and mine a tiny 6×6 piece of artwork. I still decided to add some hanging baubles to the antlers, and a wooly scarf for my reindeer and some rosy cheeks like hers!

I am not convinced that he looks exactly like a reindeer … He looks a little bit like a dog with antlers on … But still I did fall in love with this little guy when I was creating him! I did add a little bit of ink to the edges just to create an edge to the piece and although I am not 100% sure if he is completely finished yet! I have left him like this for now. His end destination will probably be on a card eventually but I think before he goes anywhere I am going to scan him so I have him for posterity regardless!


Now I wonder what the other videos will inspire me to create? I wonder if I could make a series of these and maybe … Just maybe … Get some printed for next years cards? Food for thought for me anyway!

Happy crafting!


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