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We made our friend cry … Wahey!

And nope I am not a sadistic person… She was crying tears of joy!

I was involved in a circle journal that was a secret for one of my Raggy doll sisters who had a beautiful girl last year and one of our gang suggested a journal for the bouncing babe so of course I immediately said yes!

My page was created back in July last year when I stayed with one of my lovely Raggy doll sisters … Lynn … But I did prep beforehand!


No in process pics … Just one taken by the lovely Darcy who coordinated us all and has done a fab job on her blog post …click here for all of the pages and Darcy’s process… But a quick narrative of what I did!

Well I started by designing some paper in CraftArtist and printing it out, including the flowers. Then I used my gelli plate to completely change the paper pattern lol! But this added the stripes and spirals etc. Next up I chose a quote and decided hands were the perfect symbol of holding… So painted my hands in the bright pink and splodges them down! Fun!

Then I printed the quote out and edged each of the words with Promarkers. I added paint to the flowers to give them more texture and depth and then added buttons and twine to their centres. Once I got to Lynn’s I added some stamped bits and pieces to the background, and then some cute rosebud trim and the punched edge of hearts which covered up the fact that the piece I had created was a tad too small! I added some liquid pearls to add some more texture and then I was happy I was done!

The group created some amazing pages and we know that when Marie received it this morning tears were shed in happiness so as far as I am concerned … Job well done!

Happy crafting!


1 thought on “We made our friend cry … Wahey!”

  1. It is, of course, fabulous. I love it all and feel blessed to have such fantastic people in mine and my family’s lives. Thank you 🙂 x

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