WOYWW … From my hols!

Yes I am on holiday … But the joy of staying at my parents house means free wifi so can blog if I want to! And when I discovered in the bedroom where I am sleeping, the first scrapbook album I had made, I couldn’t help but want to blog about it!

I made an album for my mum’s 60th birthday using a mix of photos I found of her when she was young. Now bearing in mind this was almost 9 years ago, and I had no real understanding of what I was doing, hardly any materials or skill … I am so proud of this!

So here goes …





















Some of these pages are so different from what I would create now and almost make me cringe, but others I love their simplicity… Like the second one in grey, white and black … Simple and elegant! Not exactly what I create these days where pages are full of ‘stuff’! Would I change any if I was doing this now? Well I probably would … I would probably do this as a digi album and get it printed as a photo book if I am honest … But looking at the love that went into this simple gift makes it priceless and something I know my mum treasures. The only thing I suppose I want to change is to get some journalling done as when I made the pages I had none as it was created as a surprise present and didn’t know stories to go with the pictures… I suppose this is something I can do over the next few days is to get some journalling to go with the pages and maybe at a future point do a digi remake so I can keep them together?

Right … Using Dad’s free wifi time to go browse some other work desks via Julia’s blog

Happy crafting!


10 thoughts on “WOYWW … From my hols!

  1. How great to find the scrapbook album and look throughout it!
    Gosh mine have changed through the ten years I have been Scrapbooking I must say!
    Jackie 26

  2. G’day Catherine. Happy WOYWW day to you. I’m a returning WOYWW after almost a years break. Oh wow what a blast from the past for you. Yes a great effort back then for your Mums album. I need to make one for my Mum too…must get a start on it. Have a lovely holiday
    Annette In Oz #23

  3. Glad you’re having a nice visit with your parents, and how lovely to rediscover some of your early work. What a beautiful set of photos – thanks for sharing! It’s always interesting looking back, and seeing how one has progressed over the years, which is one reason I love having a blog.

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment – the nappy liners are fun to play with as they melt fantastically well. I can’t remember where I came across the idea, but they are cheap and easy to obtain, and you can get some very interesting results with them.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #12

  4. Oh it’s fab, I had to smile at the tags that are beautifully threads and then stuck ‘down’wards despite the text direction..it was all about the fibres, huh!! I couldn’t agree more about journaling it retrospectively, and now is a very good time. It’ll give your Mum a real kick too…great, full on quality time. And free wifi. Life is good!

  5. That was lovely, Catherine and however you might pick holes in your technique now with hindsight, your Mum will always think it’s wonderful. I particularly like her lovely smile in the early one, wearing a hat. Enjoy the rest of your hol, and time with Mum and Dad. Chris # 35

  6. Love these pages! your eye for placement is great! And what wonderful memories you have preserved. Creative Blessings! Kelly #82

  7. How wonderful to find that again. You are right, you can always add some journalling now, and I think it is beautifully done,as you say, it is filled with love, and thats the best embellishment ever! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #44 xx

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