National Letter Writing Month!

April is national letter writing month … Well national letter writing month in the US anyway! And through an art journalling fb friend I discovered a group where for the month of April they actively write to a person they are paired with, along with sending some snail mail love to others too, and asked if I could join in too! Fortunately for me they said yes!

Now the majority of the group are US based, or closer than I am as there are a good proportion from Canada, but there are also a few of us dotted around the world in more random places. Of course posting to everyone from the UK would cost a fortune (which I don’t have) so instead I decided to gather the supplies I already had to hand and wasn’t using in terms of postcards, cards and envelopes that no longer had a card to go in them, and decided that once I had sent this little pile of loveliness out, that would be me finished for the month. There were a good twenty or so pieces of mail to play with. My plan was to practice my Zentangle skills on envelopes to decorate them and to just have fun connecting with people across the world!

My main thing to concentrate on though, was my letter to my paired penpal. So I chose one of the gelli prints I made some time ago and finally got around to mounting on an 8×8 card. This meant I had plenty of room inside for writing and maybe arting a little too!


Here you can also see the envelope I added some doodles to in a strip down one side of the front … And here is the tangled back of the envelope.


So at this stage in the month I had sent out about ten pieces of post … Including this card. They should have now arrived with recipients, and I am hoping pics of the bits and pieces they received will start appearing in out fb group soon.

Happy crafting!


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