Paper cutting obsession … No ink in sight!

I am obsessed with something new!!! Papercutting! I entirely blame my gorgeous friends Lynn and Marie who have been sharing with me some fabulous papercuts they have created as gifts and got our whole raggy doll group obsessed with them… So I took the opportunity whilst feeling ill (revolting tummy bug) and confined to bed to start playing at the idea of paper cutting.

Now normally you would draw or print out the image after flipping it, but I just set to with paper and craft knife and created this…


It is quite small… Maybe 3″ in length and as you can see fairly raggedy and scruffy but still without a guide and my first use of a craft knife to do anything like this I was quite pleased, but also unable to stop there!

The next one I did sketch on the back and this improved the cutting no end …


Again this is a tiny one … About 2″ in length … So a real minature. I then wanted to use up some of the paper I had to hand so created this 2″ heart.


It was suggested that bigger may be easier … So I went to a different extreme and made one that is almost a4 in size… About 8″ x 9″


By this point the bed was full of bits and it was time to clear up my mess and lie down again … But I suspect many nights might be spent in the coming weeks (until another obsession starts) creating these beauties! Such fun, quite easy to start, I imagine difficult to perfect, a cheap to produce!

Happy crafting!


P.S. Yes I know I am behind on M & M and Tinsel Tuesday challenges… There has been a lot going on in this house so little time to get stuck into all my challenges but will catch up eventually! Watch this space!

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