Scrapbook class with Helen

Yes it is that time of the month where I go and play with friends at Helen’s class. This time we were scrap booking which in addition to being good fun, I always find really interesting to see how someone else scraps pictures and has their own take on the craft. Helen is a great scrapper. She has some fab layouts and some lovely techniques up her sleeves. So as usual a great class. I did however not exactly finish anything at the class, partly as I was tired and didn’t want to make a mess when sticking down, and also partly because in true Helen style, I didn’t want to commit 100% to my layout until I was certain … This became more important especially as I decided to scrap our wedding photos… Didn’t want to ruin it or decide on something else after sticking down!

Helen is fortunately very used to me not following the instructions and doing my own thing, and in fact it is now a technique of the class called ‘doing a Catherine’ if you do something different … Although usually it’s because I’ve done something wrong so have to change things around as a result!

Anyway on with the scrapping.

Helen’s inspiration for the page I am sharing because I did finish it tonight is here…


And here is my page all laid out at the class ready for adhering. I have started doing this taking a picture thing when I reach a stopping point on a layout … It helps me remember what I was doing, and also see if there are things that need to move.


Already you can see I was starting to do things differently. We had made circle flower embellishments for one of the other layouts, so I thought I would add some to this layout too. Plus I had not used 3x 3 photos like Helen’s but instead a 6x 3 and a 3×3 … Partly as they worked best for the papers, but also because I was already being awkward!

After I took the photo I tipped the entire layout into a bag ready to bring home and finish off when I had time. The other two layouts I did on the night are exactly the same and still in the bag all messed up!

I did however decide to do this. So I opened my phone gallery and found the photo to follow… Although I can’t even follow my own rules as here is the page at the end…


I made the first change purely by mistake … A true ‘doing a Catherine’! I hadn’t realised that it was meant to be the Very Vanilla cardstock and not the Crisp Canteloupe! But I actually think it looks great … And the joy of SU papers means they match and coordinate so well!

The other changes were by choice. I also added some bits and pieces to finish off too! I had to say that the papers are so fabulous. They are called Venetian Romance and I can see me using them quite often for scrapping our wedding pictures. Just perfect!

Happy crafting!


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