Paper cutting for Father’s Day continued…

A couple of days ago I shared the card I made for the hubby using the princess’ writing. Well paper cutting was the theme for this years Father’s Day as I also made another two cards, for my Dad and for my Father in Law. Today I am sharing the card I made for my dad!

I decided on a rustic feeling and decided on cogs and clocks! I had a fab a4 mask which I used to draw the shapes and then drew in the letters in the middle and worked out how to connect them, and make them visible in the cogs!

Then I did my usual reversing trick by drawing in black pen over the pencil marks, then turning the paper round and drawing them again in pen and this time shading the cut parts as there were so many I didn’t want to mess it up and cut the wrong parts. Then, as our printer is now set up next to me, I decided to scan it and print a copy onto very vanilla cardstock. Now whilst this is thicker paper than ideal for papercutting, I think when making for a card you need something a bit sturdier than paper.

Then I set to on cutting … In total I think it took about two hours to cut out, and about thirty minutes to design.

I decided to ink up the final piece and the layered cardstock (Baked Brown sugar & pistachio pudding ) as I felt it needed to be a bit grungy and also love the screw top brads as fun finishing touches!

I decided on a Kraft card base as it worked better than the white card base.


Tomorrow I will share what I did for my father in law! I also have to share what my princess made for her Grandad Strawberry (my dad’s nickname)…


Didn’t she do an amazing job with the ink sponging and the stamping? So proud of her… Not bad at all for an 8year old!


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