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More arting with friends samples…

… Yes I made some more samples for the class with the same materials but a different shaped canvas! Be warned … Many pics!

Here is my step by step for the canvases I made…

Covered the two square canvases with tissue paper, patterned paper, book print, paper doilies and music sheets … All stuck down with modpodge and left to dry.



Next time to add some ink and stamping… on the left canvas I did stamping in Stayzon, rough stamping, not precise and finished edges or anything, then added some Dylusions ink through a mask. The right canvas has the Dylusions through the mask but no stamping as yet, because I needed the Dylusions to dry before stamping (school girl error!)


So once the Dylusions was dryer I set to on stamping…


Then adding paint, first white and cream, scraping the paint on and off to give a very thin layer in places and to accentuate the texture and blend the background. Then I added some pale coloured paints… Lime green and pale duck egg blue type colour…



Next a bit more ink sprayed through a different mask, and some stamping with bubble wrap using paint.


I did the same with the other canvas, keeping to the same colour scheme and generally making them similar (but of course each unique). Next it was time to make the girls for the canvases… I started with music sheets and cut the head, neck and torso/arm shape out. I wanted these girls to be side on rather than face forward so a slightly different shape from the other she art I have made.

Next to dress them. I chose some papers I thought would work with the canvases but were also a bit of a contrast and designed little outfits for the girls. Again each is different but using the same papers so they clearly go to together. Then laid them out on the canvas to check I was happy with them before I stuck anything down!


At this point I always think they look like some weird creature from doctor who or something… But apart from some dimensions I am pretty happy with them. What I do next is stick the girls together with some modpodge, and start trimming them a bit, as I always make them big and then trim them when I think they need a different shape. If I trim too much I go get some more paper and start again… No big deal! Lol! So my girls start off rather ‘robust’ and usually end up ‘svelte’! Ha ha ha! Once I’ve trimmed to shape and stuck together they get mod podged to the canvas and then the painting of the girl commences. Of course I got carried away at this point and forgot to take any pics! Ha ha ha! So the next pic is once the girls are down, painted, have hair added, doodles added and some more stamping!

I chose to make a border with the circles across the two canvases as I really see these being hung next to each other and so wanted them to be connected in some way.

Next it is time to blend the girl into the painting so she looks less “stuck” and to do this I added some more paint with a mixture of using the bubble wrap to stamp and a baby wipe dipped into a little bit of paint and wiped and dabbed randomly on the canvas.



The last steps are to add some rub ons and a little phrase or something, but for the time being they are as done as they get and work as samples for the class. At some point I will get them finished, but for the moment they are as they are!

Wondering now how others will get on with the joy that is she arting!

Happy crafting!


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