Thursday Treasures! Colour scheme

I really am feeling quite like this colour scheme at the moment … So it seemed apt to try and scrap something in keeping as a result!


I rarely scrap with just the neutrals out … Usually there is a colour to make it pop etc, so this was quite a challenge!

In fact I failed?! Well sort of failed. As in I had to include a little touch of colour!

I went for a grey and black colour scheme but the DSP I chose had a little bit of colour in it!

Plus of course the colour in the photograph… But predominantly this is a colour less scrap!

This is actually the picture of the starting point, before I finished it! I have started doing this recently, putting the page together and then leaving it, partly to check I am happy with the layout and partly as doing the page in stages takes less time, and so I can work on a few layouts at once! Except with all the she art I’ve been doing (and I did another canvas tonight I’ve not yet shared, and loads of papercutting) I just haven’t had a chance to do anymore! So for once I am not going to finish the Thursdays Treasures… And instead will finish it next week and share the final result then! Sorry folks!

Happy crafting!


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