Papercutting pleasure!

Papercutting is a trend that is sweeping the crafting world at the moment and I am well and truly obsessed. Most of what I have been doing is practising cutting rather than making anything for a reason. Some of what I have been doing have been for gifts, but I must admit my cutting skills have got better so they may just end up as early prototypes rather than the finished articles! So as a result a lot of what I’ve cut hasn’t yet been shared. But this one I am sharing as a work in progress!

I joined a Facebook group where the idea is to draw your own designs and then cut them … But there is a theme every few weeks to challenge. The theme at the moment is architecture. Now I was completely inspired by a cut that Suzy Taylor did of some cute houses … (link to her shop). Knowing I had no chance of getting to her standard of cutting I started on my own street…

After posting the sketch on the group, Suzy politely suggested it may be a bit close in design to her… Which it was… I had completely used hers as inspiration, and whilst no where near her quality of drawing and sketching… So here is the full cut for you to see … Purely to make sense of where this then went!

Thank you Suzy for the inspiration!

That night I work up thinking about fairy houses in toadstools… No I hadn’t eaten cheese the night before I promise! So the next morning I spend some time in our local cafe sketching… And in the end I came up with this little road full of fairy houses…

Which was even more delightful when cut!

No idea what to do with this now I’ve cut it as it’s such a strange shape … But still I love it!

Now onto the main piece of work in progress … My thoughts of fairies have not disappeared (more little toadstool houses in the planning) but i suddenly wanted to draw Rapunzel’s tower and cut that … So sketched, scanned and increased the size a bit (just to make the fiddly bits work) and then cutting commenced whilst watching tv … And in no time at all I was done!


Now this I have a plan for … An ambitious plan … So will say no more and we shall see what shall become of this!

I am loving sketching and cutting these things even if I have no idea why I am doing it… But my skills have improved no end so I suspect it might be back to the drawing board on the gifts I had already started … Wonder if I can improve some more before I do them though … Ahhhh Christmas is ages away!

Happy crafting!


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