Colouring in bags! What fun!

So for my birthday this year I asked for some Inktense pencils. People had been raving about them and watching UTube videos made me NEED them. So when I unwrapped them yesterday morning I was very very happy and couldn’t wait to try them out!

My first try was to have a go at the project Derwent posted on UTube where they decorate a canvas bag. This is what I came up with…


I decided it would make a fab end of school year present for the teachers… So it was time to make another one…


They a soooo easy to use, and although I think I might need to work out how to control the blending a little more (maybe heat setting once they are blended before they bleed too much). I have quite a few canvas bags so I think there may be some more bags in the future!!!

I may do some embroidery type sewing to finish these off, but couldn’t wait to show them off! Hoping the teachers like these presents.

Happy crafting!


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