And now for some sewing!

Yes the sewing machine is out again. Some repairs have been done (a dress of Maya’s and a top of mine). This is massive progress! Also decided to make a little pouch to keep a few bits and pieces of crafty things in my handbag, as the plastic bag I had was starting to look a little on the naf side!

So I grabbed some fabric I had in my box… This was SU fat quarters that I bought as I love the other designs in the pack… Not as bothered about this one, so good for making a little pouch from. Didn’t really think it through so the making of the pouch is a little haphazard, but it is good enough for its purpose and for me.


Now doesn’t that look dull??? Practical, reasonably pretty design fabric but a bit dull being black and white. Also needed to add some colour to make the button make sense… So out came my latest love… Inktense pencils! I randomly coloured in some heads in all different colours, added water to activate them, and now they are dry they are permanent. I LOVE the transformation!


So a little practical make, made fun and uniquely mine with the added bit of colour from the inky fingered cat!

Happy crafting!


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