Teacher gifts and cards for end of school year!

Today is the last day at school for the princess for a whole six weeks! This year I decided that I would give handmade presents for the teachers from my princess. I have already shared with you bags I made using the fabulous inktense pencils, then added ribbons and buttons to and hand embroidered some little bits onto them to finish off. Here they are all finished.

So pleased with these and hope the teachers liked them too!

Mrs Boyle has been great with the princess this year, including giving her a necessary kick up the bum mid year which worked really well in pushing her forward. She is also her main teacher so she also got something special for the classroom or at home… A papercut! I bought the template from Paper Panda on etsy and cut it from a cream laid paper and mounted it in an IKEA frame with my first attempt at floating to provide a bit of a gap between the cut and the background sheet. I chose Pistachio Pudding as the backing card colour as I thought it worked well with the image.



Their final present was the much required by the end of the term bottle of wine each! I am sure that this will consumed fairly quickly after the end of term! Ha ha!

For cards I kept with the papercutting theme… But unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the finished projects … Doh! I have to say I was pleased with them though so may well have to repeat at some point!

Anyways … Hoping the teachers have a fabulous restful holiday … Whilst I obviously get completely shattered with the princess at home. Plenty of play dates need arranging and of course my parents will be here to rescue us for a few weeks too. I am hoping as my depression is improving to be back at work next week so fingers crossed she won’t be distracted with me moping round the house!

Happy crafting!


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