Canvas and Mixed Media art

UTube inspired mixed media … Again!

Another video I watched during the night of no sleep led to this project. I found a UTube video using the same Gelato set I have, and the artist created a fabulous mixed media painting. Whilst I knew I would never be able to do what she did, I knew I had some things I could use to do something akin to the inspiration piece.

I started with this picture I bought in the sale at the Range. This is so not my thing… But at £1.75 for a 12×12 piece of mdf with the fixings etc ready to hang, I knew it was crying out for some playtime! I forgot to take a picture of it pre Gesso layer… But you can see pretty much what it was!


One layer of gesso was clearly not going to be enough… Second coat… And this is the third coat!


Time to try some colour. Using the banana gelato I scribbled all over, and then used water and my fingers to blend the colour. This however did not help with the covering of the base picture!


So I reached for my trusty friend… White titanium acrylic…


So I put this to one side to dry to start on the next bit that needed prepping… Some canvas. I took some of the canvas sheet that I bought an age ago from SU (the u tube vid uses self adhesive but as I had this I figured it would do the job just as nicely). Again I took the Gelatos… This time the Blood Orange, Acqua Dolce and the Banana and scribbled roughly all over the canvas.


Water applied, and fingers used to blend and coat the canvas created this nice but slightly bland piece… Nb needed to weight down the corners as it was very very curly nice wet.


More colour added, in particular the Acqua dolce, and roughly blended with not as much water. Then added stamping using Stayzon. I actually used a sheet of stamps that are all French script type ones and kept them all on the sheet and stamped as a whole all over, and different directions.


Next added a bit more stamping with a grid Kaisercraft stamp, and then cut it into pieces using my trimmer.


Once I had some assorted pieces of canvas I again added a bit more colour to some of them… I think that once they became little canvases, I felt I needed them to be individual rather than cut from the same piece.


Once they were dry, and the main board was dry it was time to attack with the Mod Podge. The video I had watched had as the main topper flowers, but I felt I wanted a photo as the main feature of mine, so used a photo of my grandmother, whom I never met, but I can see a family resemblance in her so feel very attached to this photo. This is not, I hasten to add, the original, but a printed version of a scanned version of the photo …. I wouldn’t go using a precious photo for this!

So I layered up the canvas and photo and used the ModPodge to stick everything down.


The next stage was to add some texture paste. I did this quite roughly, using a credit card to scoop the paste and form the shaping. Then the picture got put aside for a few days to completely dry out.


When I say a few days it was more like two weeks in my usual half a project way! Ha ha!

So onto the next time I picked this up… I added more Gelatos to the white, to the texture paste and then added some definition to some of the panels of canvas with the faber castell Big Brush Indian ink pens which I blended with my finger.

Next I took some paper flowers of different types that I had in the stash and started clustering and layering them around the board. Then I added some strung pearls too. Then it was time to get out some sprays … First some orange which I dripped more than sprayed, and then some silver spray which I sprayed! … Both with mica in them so they will leave a lovely glistening finish. They look a little dark on this picture as they were still wet.

20140726-164910-60550000.jpg. And again it was time to let it rest and dry out.

Later the same day, I kid ye not, I looked at the picture and tried it on the wall where I thought I wanted it to hang, but the yellow was too acidic a colour and it looked too bright. So I grabbed the French Vanilla acrylic paint and smeared some round the outside to tone it down. I knew this wouldn’t be the last coat of colour but it seemed to work better now.


Next steps… Added in some more of the Gelatos in patches to break up the border. Added some stamping using both Gelatos, black ink and some black acrylic paint. Then some drips and splashes of black acrylic. Then I grabbed the Big Brush pens again and added more ink to the edges of the panels to give them more definition. And now it is finished!!! And hung on the wall!


Love it!

Happy crafting!


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