Canvas and Mixed Media art, Random Crafts

Practising watercolour

I got a book from the library last week to read during my lunchtimes at work… Learn to watercolour quickly by Hazel Soan. It is a beautifully illustrated book, and is quite a simple read. I would love to be able to paint beautiful watercolours. The thing I learnt very quickly from the book is that I overwork watercolour, and then they end up muddy. This is probably what happened when I did this picture, very quickly, this morning. But I had no control over the water. I have a LOT to learn!

Even so, I am pleased with this as I can see what it represents, even if my big brother did ask the classic question of what is it?in response to the pic on fb I posted. I am sure he was jesting though?!?


This is a from memory view from the beach at Salobrena, Andulucia, which is where my parents spend a lot of their time at the very nice Cafe on the beach where the owners and staff seem to have adopted them into their family!

It’s not exactly right as I wasn’t working from a photo, so it is my imagined view, and as I had too much water going on, I ended up with a very blurry, in places muddy, picture. But still I am happy for a ten minute postcard painting!

Happy crafting!


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