Freebie Christmas crafting!

Not much about Christmas is free these days. But thanks to my friend Karen we planned a free class from her generously donated bits and pieces. Every so often she clears some crafty stash out and has generously been donating it to mine! So it was time to share the stash and so I contributed a few card blanks, snippets of ribbon and stamps into the mix for people to have a class at my house…. For free! Well that was the plan. Unfortunately due to a series of unfortunate events (love Lemony Snickett!) I had to postpone the class twice, and so instead I have made everyone a goody bag of the ingredients for the cards to take home and play with next time they arrive here instead!

Here are the samples that I made… And as you can see there are a few very different styles going on!



I didn’t provide instructions in the goodie bags, but instead provided the same set for everyone to use of precut papers, some stamped images etc, and then people could do as they wished with the supplies. A couple of the card blanks were already stamped (they were leftovers from a commissioned project last year so seemed a good way to use them up) so people could just build the cards how they wanted! Looking forward to seeing how they develop them!

Happy crafting!


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