Advent craftiness! Day 20!

Five days to go!!! And as I’ve got back from picking my parents up rom the airport I can officially start thinking it is Christmas time! (Hence the early morning post)

Today I have some cards in boxes to share with you… Well sort of in boxes!



The cards I made from a kit from a magazine with cute animals in, and added some cardstock, made the card blanks and some glitter glue and ink. The sentiments were stamped separately. I kept them all fairly flat as know how much postage costs these days!

The box was a sort of fail… I made a lovely box and it was all going well and then somehow I sat on the lid and unfortunately I broke it completely. And as I didn’t have another piece of the cardstock big enough decided not to bother with a lid. And so my friend gets this set of cards in with her Christmas presents without a lid! Oops!

Hopefully set number two makes up for it!

These are tiny cards… I used the Michael Powell stamp and used Inktense blocks to colour them. Then I added the glitter glue and a sentiment I cut by hand into funky shapes.

I am putting them into the “box” I made with the little partridge in a pear tree cards I made a while back. I had intended to make more of these for the princess to give, but then her grandfather gave her some bought cards (oh the shame) so I didn’t bother!


Can you see the wallet box to the left of the picture. This is custom made to fit all ten cards into with their envelopes and then the ribbon keeps it closed. Cute!

Really pleased with how I made this… Maybe one for a tutorial for next years blog?

Now to go investigate where all my categories have gone as I seem to have lost most of them in the last WordPress update l! Grrrr!

Happy crafting!


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