Playing with Paperclay

About 2 years ago I went with some of my favourite people to Art from the Heart to do an Art Doll class with Kate Crane. I had no idea what I was doing but completely fell in love with the process and end result of my fabulous Raggity Alice who is currently on display in our hallway so I see her everyday! At the time I of course bought a packet of paperclay full of intentions of making more art dolls and maybe a range of snowmen for Christmas and decorations and and and …

Well you can imagine if you know me in person, or have read my blog for a while I am not a good finisher!

And of course the paperclay has sat there in my stash not being used for the entire time … But on 12th May that changed! I opened the packet and I used it all … Yes all of it in one go! Mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to get some cling film, and also because I knew I would never get round to using it before it hardened if I didn’t do it all in one go!

So what did I do? Well I did create the pieces for another doll similar to Raggity Alice. I also created some pendant/fob/decorations in simple shapes with stamped impressions. I also used a cake decorating mold I had bought in the sale with some feathers… These are so cute and delicate. Love how they worked. So here they all are drying nicely!


The first things I started to do something with were the pieces for the rabbit doll … Only 12 days later! (24th May). Not bad for me. First a coat of shell pink acrylic, then some grey (don’t know why but fancied a grey bunny)! At this point I had not decided what to do with the legs, so not painted at all at this point. But I did paint a lovely red colour onto the heart.


I gave the rabbit another coat of paint later that day and then decided on stripey legs just like Raggity Alice. But decided on blues for these legs instead.

Next I decided to give the rabbit a glaze of crackle glaze. At this point I had only done one side of the body and also stuck the heart in place with glossy accents.


The next day, a coat of crackle glaze to the back and the legs done, and whilst this dried, took a scrap of fabric to make the dress. This is the simple dress ready to have the drawstring neck done when the glaze is dry.


Meanwhile… Other pieces of the paperclay got some paint layered on…


And then normal service resumed and the pieces were not touched at all. And remain so to this day. I live in hope I might actually finish them off one day, or use them for something… But as I’ve held onto this post for months in hope I would finish them, it’s time to post it before the year is out with the reaffirmation that I am officially not a finisher!

Happy crafting!


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