Wishing you all…

… A very happy new year!

I sincerely hope that all my readers have had a fabulous festive season! Thanks so much for the comments and likes I have had over the past year. Always nice to know people like what I am up to in my mad crafty blog land.

I posted a couple of weeks ago as I had started to reflect about what had happened in blog land the past year for me, and this reflection has continued. As a result, I have decided, just temporarily to pare back on the posting. So for January the only posts I know will definitely be made and the two Colour My Monday’s on colours I have yet to feature from the SU collections. Other than that I have decided not to set myself a challenge or a plan. If I create something then will of course post it but not going to make myself do anything. Whilst the impetus is usually around at this time of year, the stamina usually wanes and sometimes I have produced some less spectacular stuff as a result of feeling the need to post something! So pressure off… Let’s see what I can produce this year without the pressure to produce for the blog!

Hopefully this less pressured approach will lead to some more creative things coming out of my mad little mind? Hope you stick with me to find out!?

And so I share with you one of my favourite creative pieces of 2014… Wonder if I will be as proud of anything I make in 2015 as I am of this?


Happy crafting and once more, happy new year!


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