Let’s take a stroll…

Today I have a project to share with you that was very much a spur of the moment decision to join in with something my dear friend Darcy is doing. No idea if I will do anything past this month or not so although it is strictly part of a challenge I am just doing it for fun if I fancy it!

So here is the original concept… Although Darcy explains it so well so you are probably better going and seeing her blog… But here is my short version!

Take one ready made calendar. Make a page using the calendar each month with some rules… 1. Incorporate part of the picture already there on the calendar. 2. Use the technique that month… This month crackle effect. 3. Add the item you are told to… This month book print. Then blog about it and link it to Darcy’s page!

So whilst on my way home from work on Friday I popped into a bargain hunting type shop and spotted a calendar I liked the look of with Darcy’s challenge in mind. I liked it as it reminds me of Lucy Levenson but isn’t actually her work… But already mixed media with the pen, paint and fabric etc in the pictures.

I set to that evening whilst the princess was doing some tidying before bed, and continued later on when the princess was in bed as I was inspired. I also managed to take pictures along the way so I thought today I would share my process for you… In a strolling kind of way… Very Sunday like!

Here goes… And in the words of Tilly from Miranda “bear with” … Many photos to come!

Firstly for those of you who don’t want to scroll down through the photos… A little slide show…











And breathe… 10 photos done! 7 to go!



Here comes the crackle!






So is it finished? Well I think the words need a little bit of outlining, but otherwise, yes I think I am done! Pleased with this and hoping that tiny bit of crackle on the flowers will be enough to satisfy Darcy’s criteria. Loved doing this… Such a nice way to spend a couple of hours playing!

Happy crafting!


13 thoughts on “Let’s take a stroll…

  1. Love Your commentary, it really made me laugh. Great idea to leave the flowered skirt and build around it. Great use of Darcy stamps too!

    1. Thanks… I have some good ideas occasionally… Not sure I will get away with doing the same idea next month… Already wondering if my current idea will work!

  2. love this Catherine, genius to use the flowered original as her dress. How cool is that crackle stamp!!! loved the commentary, could hear it in your voice haha Great work chick, do join in next month, always love seeing your stuff.

    1. I may… Just may…have already started next months! Lol! I am a complete sucker for starting your challenges… Just have a problem finishing them!

  3. A fantastic transformation, loved your commentary, adds a lovely touch to your post. Great way to add texture to your figure, your completed page is wonderful.

    Thanks for dropping by your comment is much appreciated:-) xxx

  4. Awesome work on that flowery page 😀 (my crackle glaze took ages to work, may NEED to uy that stamp lol) XXX

  5. I love this, and can just image you talking us through it all. I’m also great at starting things, but fingers crossed I get this one finished too x

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