Art journalling … Birds and bleeding tissues … With Fairefoxes

Yesterday I shared the page I made when inspired by my friend Rae and her Art journalling blog series… Well I was that inspired I started another page which I finished off today! Yes two pages in one day!

Rae’s prompt was “birds with clipped wings can still sing” and her technique she tried was the bleeding tissue paper one… But she creates her own tissue substitute using kitchen roll and Dylusions. So I had a go at this too!

Unfortunately as I was too lazy to walk down one flight of stairs for the kitchen roll, I just grabbed some toilet roll instead! This of course was incredibly flimsy once pulled apart and sprayed… So I ended up just spraying a few pieces, letting them dry and cutting them up to create a border on the page. I then wet the page, put the little pieces down and sprayed them with water again. This had the effect of soaking the paper. Now as I mentioned yesterday the sketchbook I am using as a journal is not good quality… So there has been a bit of bleed through, even with two pages glued together, ah well… That’s the joy of Art journalling… It doesn’t really matter!

So I didn’t let them stay on until dry… Had to take it off sooner to get the excess liquid… But it still created a border so it works… If you use the right tissue and then journalling base paper… So I know for another time!

Anyways… I then created a tree out of book paper, and added leaves, using a stamp I carved myself. I added some more spray using a mask, and then gave the whole page a coat of gesso… Why? To tone down the colours and blend the picture a bit. Next I added more colour and definition to the tree and leaves and added some background colour to the sky.

I decided it needed some depth and so added the stamped World Map using Inktense to stamp with to remove the definition. Next I created my bird cage from another piece of paper and hand cut it with the craft knife, painted it roughly using silver paint. The bird I created using the Builder Bird punch, and coloured it using the Inktense blocks.

Once I had stuck down the bird in the cage, I added a silvery border around the page and then grabbed some alpha stamps and stamped out the quote.


The finishing touches were some doodles to define some of the images and adding the date… Realised I put the wrong year on yesterday’s too so had to quickly amend that!

Happy crafting!


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