Art journalling… Pathways with Gelatos… Journal52

Another Art journalling group I follow on Facebook is Journal52. I must have been following the group for almost a year, but never really felt compelled to join in. The art journal bug has well and truly bit me though… And so whilst waiting for Rae to post this weeks prompt I decided to give one of the Journal52 prompts a try. The prompt was pathways!

My first thought was yellow brick road and my second thought was to give the Faber Castell Gelatos another go as we had been discussing them in the Fairfoxes art journal group. So off I started…


I started by sticking sheet music down on the page. I have mentioned before that the paper in the sketchbook I am using as a journal is poor quality. I think quite a few pages may have to have this sort of treatment. I have even started sticking three pages together on some of the pages to give them more strength. Anyways I digress. As always Mod Podge used as the adhesive. Then whilst that was drying I drew a spiraling path lightly in pencil on some decent sketchbook paper and scraped vanilla coloured acrylic paint onto it. I tend to use old gift cards/credit cards a lot with paint when art journalling… It always helps with texture and allows it to be a bit translucent and removes brush marks.

Next I decided to grab the Gelatos and using the yellow and Aqua coloured ones added them straight to the page and then used a watery brush to blend. The Aqua is very subtle in colour, and love the way it turned the yellow green in places.


Time to add the bricks to the path. Using a brick wall stencil, I brushed the yellow gelato through the stencil. The little brush was one I got in the pack with the Gelatos. Never used it like this before but it worked really well. Then I did the same with the red, but kept it subtle… It just darkened it a bit.

The scissors came out next and the spiraling yellow brick road was created. I then added some off cuts of the road to the top and bottom of the page. It needed some depth and handily in the pack of Gelatos I have, there is a squid ink one which is a warm grey colour. Perfect. I added it straight to the outline of the road like using a crayon and then used a water brush to scratch/roughly brush it out.


It was time for my usual change of heart! I was wondering what to add as the feature of the page, and it turns out I have nothing Oz related for the yellow brick road… So it stopped really being that. Instead I fancied adding a fairy and one of the Andy Skinner quote stamps instead which worked quite well with the page. I stamped the quote onto some paper I had wiped a stencil off onto a few days earlier. The colour really worked with the page. I stamped the fairy onto separate white paper and then cut her out as carefully as I could be bothered to do using my craft knife. I added some squid ink to her body and the red gelato to the wings. I then used the dauber type stick to smooth the colour. Again this came with the set but had never really used. To be honest I would normally use my finger which works just as well! Lol!

I added some star clusters round the page using Stayzon ink and then decided the spiraling path needed something else. So I used a couple of sets of alpha stamp pegs to create the word FOLLOW and stamped it all the way round using orange ink. Then I added the fairy.

And the quote!


Really pleased with how this turned out. Apart from the spiral path I had no plan whatsoever and it all came together nicely.

Happy crafting!


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