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Use It Up Saturday!

Hi there… I have something new to share with you and first my confession!
I am a bit of a crafting hoarder, and a terrible impulse craft shopper! I just can’t help myself. But 2015 is my year of trying not to do both of these things. So I am starting with my Christmas crafting stuff!

You may recall that in December I was not going to set myself any more challenges! Well this is immediately revoking that statement!


Of course some of the readers of the blog will note that I used the word immediately… Except this is about 5 weeks later than when the statement was published… So time to confess something else… I started the project “use it up” in December… Around the 21st December if I recall… And therefore even prior to posting that I was not setting a challenge.

In my defense, I didn’t view this as a challenge at the time, was just clearing some stuff away and in my usual way of clearing stuff away I couldn’t help start creating! So I started a one sheet wonder … With five sheets of DSP, a stack of cardstock and a few different OSW templates I adapted.

I can’t say I didn’t throw away the odd little scrap of both cardstock and DSP, but I did create some piles of different sized panels and pieces….


Which I sorted into cardstock colour the following evening … For those interested… Cherry Cobbler, Real Red, Basic Grey chosen as they went well with the dsp I had chosen… Papermania. I had got a bargain Papermania grab bag the year before in the sale and never really go around to using much of it (hence the paper hoarder comments) so decided to use some of the papers for this project…


And then the next night I got out some card blanks and envelopes and started putting them together and putting them with the card blank into an envelope.


The idea of storing it like this is that I just need to grab a few envelopes at a time to then finish off the cards with suitable toppers (usually stamped and die cut type of things). It also allowed me to see how many Christmas cards I was making.

Now already by day three I could see a challenge brewing, but wasn’t ready to commit at this stage, and bearing in mine it is at this point late on in the evening of 23rd December it was time to pack this little lot away as it was indeed nearly Christmas… No room or time for faffing with the following years Christmas cards. What was evident to me however is that this five sheet wonder had the potential for creating a lot of cards indeed and that I probably wouldn’t need to do many more cards than this to satisfy the card requirements for just me. But as I say brain was whirring around the idea of gifting a few coordinated sets as gifts so maybe I could also do the same with some of the other papers I have lots of in the Christmas box!?!

So this is where this challenge of Use It Up Saturday was born… Back in the days before I swore myself off challenges! But this challenge is more of a promise to myself… Not to buy more Christmas themed papers for a start. The branding comes more from, I will share when I do something of this “Use it Up” nature on Saturdays!

So a branded non challenge of a promise needs a logo… (Used Rhonna designs to do this)


I wonder if any other blog readers are similar to me in terms of hoarding … I am laughing as I type this as I know you are all the same as me… But I wonder… Will you join in with a Use It Up type of challenge/promise this year?

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “Use It Up Saturday!”

  1. Hi, great to pop back and visit you again. My life is going to be at another turning point soon, but first I too have LOADS of craft supples to ‘de-clutter’. I love this idea but currently have 4 choca-block weekends ………. I will get there ! Be back soon.

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