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Art journalling… Flash page, well not quite… With Fairefoxes

Today I have a page I did over a few days last week that is a bright contrast to my mood of late. Unfortunately I am having to struggle through a bit of a low with my mood being quite black. This page I am sharing is my way of combatting the blackness, by creating with colour. Rae posted in the Facebook group around her art journalling challenge (have a look at her blog to see what I’m blathering on about) a flash page challenge. Now this was meant to be a ten minute challenge… But mine turned into a labour of love, probably because my energy levels are low as I combat the depression. Anyways onto the art…

The rules were use only the colours… Red, blue, pink, yellow and add song lyrics.

So I didn’t use pink, but the other colours i did… And I had a song title for my page title!


I used acrylic paint for the background, some stamping, and then added some layers… Papermania postcard stamp, Clarity stamps for the ladies and wiggly sections, Paperartsy fleur de Lis, and washi tape.

Added some glossy accents to embellish the ladies too!


Hope you like… I think I do! Hopefully this cloud will shift soon and I will be able to better appreciate the colour.

Happy crafting!


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