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Raggy doll art journal page… Inspired by Lynn

This year my gang of raggy doll sisters and I have a new challenge… Make a page inspired by the answers of one of us to some questions. Darcy is our organiser and her Blog explains it really well… This is the first page I am sharing.

Inspired by Lynn!

And here is how I made my page…
1. Create a background by doodling across the page creating many sections.
2. Coloured in the sections randomly using SU markers.
3. Sketched a Tudor circus chicken… Don’t ask!?!
4. Cut bits of the chicken out of book print.
5. Added a layer of gesso and then added some texture paste through a stencil which is Latin type text.
6. Make up the chicken and colour using Inktense pencils. Add to page but decide it needs to be a more muted background.
7. Add black paint to the background and wipe off with baby wipes for a more translucent effect that captures the texture.
8. Add the chicken back… Yes that’s a bit better
9. Add gilding wax to the pages which helps give the pages a metallic and more regal look.

Then forget to take pictures!

Stick the chicken on the page. Create some fab clown shoes and stick them on. Carve an egg stamp and stamp onto book print… The chicken is created from Charlie and the a Great Glass Elevator from pages talking about youth, the eggs and the bunting are from Shakespeare in keeping with the Tudor theme! Both relevant to the answers Lynn gave. Stick the eggs down. Handcut some bunting that looks a bit like the awning of a shop.

Scrape paint onto cardstock and stamp the question and answer. Stick this down and buff the gilding wax some more. Add some doodling.

Hey presto… The strangest page I have probably ever created… Love it!


This month… It’s my turn to be questioned…. Can’t wait to see what that leads to! 

 Happy crafting! 



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