Calendar for March… With a bit of a weep!

Yes it is time again to share my calendar I am altering as part of the challenge Darcy set up for this year… Go check out her blog for the full instructions.

Anyways the rules for this month are… Keep part of the original page, use letters cut ransom style for title and crayon/candle resist technique.

So here goes… And I guess from the title you can imagine this is not all a fun story…

Yes it is all going well to this point. I especially love the little birdie being brought to life, and the sparkling shimmer of the soon to be birdhouse.

Yes here come the tears.

To say I was really really pleased with the page up until I started glueing the tissue paper flowers down is an understatement. I really did love the bird, the birdhouse, the patchy dotty background … But then the flowers went wrong. Not a bit wrong either… A lot wrong. They tore, the colour bled and looked completely rubbish and the tissue paper just looked rubbish. I tried to take it off, and then it went worse. So I grabbed the white acrylic and smeared it all over the bottom part of the picture. I had already painted the first layer of the sky (which bizarrely went green too!) so I avoided that and the bird with my whiteout. I didn’t really cry … But I did feel a bit like doing so as I had really really liked what I had done. So then I left the page for a few nights so I could gather my strength back and face it again!

Now when I say a few nights it actually took me a fortnight to touch this again as I was soooooo unhappy with what had happened … But I did out my big brave girl pants on and tackle it!


This was where I was upto at the end of the “I will tackle it” day, and I must say I was starting to like where it was going … But was a little clueless as to how to move it on. Time to leave it be for the moment and have a little think!

Fast forward a couple of weeks… And added some random stamping using some of those fab Darcy stamps… Had to get them in somewhere! 

Took this rubbish picture… Not had a chance to take a good one yet.  

I think this helps to frame it a bit.  It wasn’t the best stamping job as the surface is so warped but never mind.  I am pleased I could rescue the picture given the mess I made in the middle.  I still would have preferred it without the mess but hey learn a new thing every time I play with art stuff! 

Happy crafting!


5 thoughts on “Calendar for March… With a bit of a weep!

  1. What a shame-I can quite understand why you were pleased with what you had with picture 5-it’s gorgeous! But you managed to work through your disappointment and still ended up with a great piece!

  2. ohh a shame, the dotty background was so lovely.. but now you know that it is stored away in your experience bank to use again on something else…so nothing is lost. I think you did a fantastic rescue job, the grasses and grape vine frames the piece really well, and because they are delicate they make the bird house really pop.

  3. I liked where it was going, but I love where it ended up.
    maybe next time you use stamped tissue you could try to put each image on one at a time
    but like I said I love how it came out

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