WOYWW … Week 300! 

Wowsers!  WOYWW has bee going for 300 weeks.  How cool is that?  For those who don’t know what I am on about, What’s on your workdesk Wednesday is when creative folk all around the world share their space and we get to nosey at what people are upto.  It’s all hosted by the fabulous Julia at her blog.  Go check it out! 

So I have something different to share with you today … Not my crafting space of norm… But the family room table at the end of last nights class! 

Just look at the wonderful creative mess my friends made!  

So starting top left is one of the samples I made and framed… Then to the right is Julie’s and the bottom is Alison’s pages respectively. As you can also see there were lots of baby wipes being used, some lovely stamps on display and lots of fun was had by all.

I didn’t really end up making anything last night but have also got a pic of my actual desk to share… 

Plenty of gorjuss stamping going on as I am making party gifts for the princess’ party in 12 days time.  Here is a finished one of the gifts I am making… This one for the princess herself! 

Each of the book,arks will have its own outfit and funky coloured hair.  I figure all girls like things with their names on and as there aspire some unusual spellings in the gang of girls this might be the only way to do it! 

Time for sleep now … Will be blog hopping round the desk in the morning I suspect!

Happy crafting! 



10 thoughts on “WOYWW … Week 300! 

  1. Please miss can I have a bookmark, they are lovely. Thank you for last night I really love the class.

  2. Love your framed sample, as well as the gifts for the princesses! That is a perfect image for them. Thank you for sharing and for your earlier visit. #66

  3. Hi Catherine happy 300th WOYWW, Oh I love your butterfly project, looks like everyone had a fab time. Cute bookmarks and a great gift idea. Cheers RobynO#14

  4. Oh how much fun that must have been, creating with others. . .though you really didn’t get to create anything. But fun to gather with others in a creative way. Messy as it may be, it makes me smile!

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