Experimenting with the tiny! 

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Over at the Paperartsy blog there is a challenge to play minature.  I decided it wasn’t for me… Although all the posts have been sooooo inspiring!  But small is not my usual thing… And I am madly crating for the princess’ birthday next weekend!  But then yesterday afternoon the princess wanted to play with paints so I thought I would play alongside her!  I grabbed two mini canvases that I have had forever but never got round to doing anything with! 

Started with three colours of acrylic and coated the canvases. 

Next a bit of white paint added using the trusty craft tool that is bubble wrap! 

Next added some black paint…added some stamping using paint and ink too.

Next some white cardstock had some green and red paint dragged across it.

Next I stamped some of the Darcy leaves and flowers onto the coloured patches.  Then added some yellow spots to the flowers.

Then I cut them out and placed them onto the little canvasses.

Next it was time to Mod Podge and then add a quote.  The search for a quote was conducted by the princess and decided this one worked … Of a sort! 

So here is my entry for the challenge I wasn’t joining… Inspired by a paint play time with the princess.

Happy crafting! 



  1. Well how very handy to have a royal consultant to hand! Glad you found the time to have a go at something that you were not entirely sure about! The mini canvases are very cheery!

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