Art journalling, raggy dolls, all about me!

Last month I shared with you that my group of crafting friends, aka raggy dolls, have embarked on a new challenge.  If you don’t remember… Go look at my post here.

Anyway, that was last month, and that was all about Lynn.  This month it was my turn to be interviewed! Scary!  It turned out to be quite funny and ended up talking about all sorts of stuff! 

Here is the page I made inspired from that chat.

I decide to make my page, my front cover for the journal I am using for this project.  So I cut a piece of card to fit and worked on that.  I added some layers of papers that happened to be sat on the desk at the time and had a fair amount of green in them.  Then I pushed back that layer with some gesso scraped on.  Next I took another piece of cardstock (very thin cardstock) and heat embossed this tree scene … Inspired by the original artwork for A Little Night Music.  I added some paint, masking the moon, and then cut that out.  Then I added different colours of blue paint to the background piece.  

I decided on placement of the tree scene and then used the foliage mask to create some textured leaves… Representing some plants in a dream planting scheme.  Whilst this was drying I set about creating the Desiree in my mind (character Judi Dench played in National production of A little night music).  This could also be representative of a strictly dancer.

I used a Julie Nutting stamp and lightly stamped it in Smoky Slate.  Then used a pencil to change the image.  The cut it out, and added paint.  I placed her in place and then left the page for a couple of nights.

Then as per usual got carried away and forgot pictures in progress except these two…

I added some pearlescent paint to the raised plants in the foreground and around the edge , using my finger to blend.  I had also added some stamping to the background using a grid type stamp from Kaisercraft. I also added some black soot distress ink to grunge up the edges some more. 

Next I stamped a birdcage onto acetate using Stayzon and cut it out.  I added a bird and some music to the background and stuck the birdcage down with glossy accents.  This represents I know why a caged bird sings.

I used inktense pencils to add some depth to the woman and then stamped out a quote from a Maya Angelou poem.  I stuck it down using mod Podge and then added the washi tape border to add some protection to the edges. 

Really pleased with this … Especially considering at the end of the “interview” I had no idea what to do.  It took a little bit of chatting with the hubby to go through some of the questions before I managed to latch onto a visual image and go with that… It was most definitely that of the amazing Judi Dench in the red dress as Desiree in A Little Night Music.  I so wish I had seen this production.  Watching her perform send in the clowns for the Sondheim prom on TV a couple of years ago sent shivers down my spine!  Here is a link to the UTube video of that performance… I could watch the first thirty seconds of that video over and over as a masterclass in becoming a character.  She walks on as herself, she acknowledges the hall, then she bows her head and out comes the character.  Stunningly talented actor.  A true artist at work! 

So this was my page about me.  Not sure who is next to be interviewed, but this is a fun project and leading some really interesting artwork. 

Happy crafting!


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