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Calendar challenge… April’s effort

it was a struggle last month to get in the right frame of mind to do this challenge, but I got there.  If you are wondering what challenge… Well Darcy set a challenge for the year of altering a calendar with some conditions.  This months conditions were to keep part of the original picture, use a repeating pattern and use drips or splatters.  So here is my effort.

My first challenge was deciding what to keep from the original picture as I hadn’t really wanted to keep the Owls but wasn’t sure what else to leave!  So I went for it and masked off the Owls and added a layer of gesso across the rest of the page.  The gesso helps give some tooth to the page because the paper is quite shiny otherwise.

I must admit I didn’t really have a plan for this page… It just sort of evolved.  Green paint got grabbed from the basket of paints and added using the brayer for patchy finish.  Also some lime green added in using the brayer. Next I grabbed my clockwork stencil to add some gesso over the top using a sponge to add it.  This again gave a patchy less defined finish.  Decided the clockwork pattern could be my repeating element for the rules! I also added blue paint to the sky area.

So I had sorted the repeating element… Next the drips/splatters.  I watered down some acrylic and added it to the bottom of the page and then sprayed with more water to help it run.  I didn’t want thick drips, more of a watercolour effect..  This both darkened the area and added a grass type pattern to the bottom.  Next I added a book print branch and leaves.  I used a stamp I carved myself for the leaves… Again a repeating element as I stamped it many times in different shades of green.  

Next I added the clockwork pattern to the sky, this time adding a darker blue as a contrast to adding the lighter in the grass.  Then I decided I needed a moon on the page, and added some stamped and fussy cut flowers to the tree branch.

I next decided on a quote for the page and that I wanted to challenge myself to handwrite it… With a paintbrush and acrylic paint…. I don’t half challenge myself don’t i? 

ok not the best writing, nor my best calendar transformation, but I know of like the bright finish it ended up with. Here’s hoping next month the calendar is easier to transform and I don’t get stuck with a big focal image I feel required to keep?!? 

Happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “Calendar challenge… April’s effort”

  1. it is hard to know what to keep, I have really struggled with Mays page, but you did a great job here. The leaves are perfect.

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