PATWITS circle journal… Julie’s journal

So this is my first spread for another’s journal in quite some time.

 Forgot how nerve wracking it is to create in a book that isn’t your own, especially when the talent expressed on the page before is so awe inspiring.

 I knew however to stare at the white page was a bad idea and it was better to get some colour down quickly just to take the fear away.

 So here are my basic process pics… Nothing fancy and you can tell I got carried away right at the end as the photos stop! 

So yes this is the point the mojo started working properly and I started to like what I had created.  Ok I know the girl is far from brilliant but she is pretty much as good as I get … Why on earth I thought a face was a good idea I have no idea! But I just went ahead and created and had fun and that was the idea! 

Yes I threw pretty much everything I could think of into it.

And now the final page…

Happy with that! Hope Julie likes it too! 

Happy crafting! 


1 thought on “PATWITS circle journal… Julie’s journal

  1. Love that you recorded the process, fab idea. Learning to draw faces has been a big part of my year so I am overjoyed you have done a face. I truly can’t wait to see it in person xx

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