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Brusho fun! Creating a swatch book

So after playing with Linda’s Brushos I knew I NEEDED some… Birthday money burnt a hole in my pocket for a couple of hours and then they were ordered! Not a small set either, but a set of 24 glorious little pots of colour!

First task was of course to try them all, so I’ve started making a swatch book using different techniques.
Here are my process pics! 

First a simple little swatch for each colour…
Then little labels…

Then all assembled…

Next time to try the pigment over heat embossing and more water…

I wasn’t sure what to do next but then spotted anneke’s canvas on the Paperartsy blog made me think of the largest flower head stamps … So… Next painting an image… like a Darcy flower head…

Next taking a black tag add some gesso and add pigment and some water…

When wet it looked like this… but dries very pale.
Next assemble the different pieces…

Now for a different flower and background stamping…
And my favourite…

Who would have thought that black could be so colourful???

So a quarter of the way through… run out of time and put this on hold and decided to blog regardless.

Entering this in the flower challenge over at Paperartsy.

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “Brusho fun! Creating a swatch book”

    1. Thanks Rozelle… Important to try out a few techniques and good way of seeing what effects each colour can have. The gesso one is very subtle, but colour be an interesting technique.

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