Art and crafting styles

Playing with new goodies

Facebook friends will have already seen that I have signed up for the Art & Parcel.  This is a monthly subscription to get a parcel of random discounted art goodies to your door.

This was my first parcel…


Immediately I had to try the lino cutting tool and make a pattern stamp as per the Julie Fei-fan Balzer inspirations…


I used the tool and a quarter of one sheet of rubber included in the bundle… so there’s plenty more left to make more fun.

Today I got home to a top up surprise parcel. It was decided that the value wasn’t quite good enough as it was so they topped up the parcels with three other products.


I’ve had a little scribble with the Graphik line painter and love that already. I know I love inktense so always a winner… and a black fine liner is not ever not needed…. eeeek ugly language there! Ah well it’s late & I’m tired! Sorry.

So happy with my first play… now need to create something from this lovely lot!
Happy crafting!


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