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More Brusho cards that didn’t quite make the cut

So on Monday I was featured on the Paperartsy blog… Whoop!
But must admit I made far more than I shared at the time to get my creations with the Brusho to work how I wanted them to! I had agreed to do a Clean and Simple type project using the JOFY stamps which was fine… but getting the a Brusho to behave in a way I wanted was a bit of a challenge…


Here are just some of the rejects!

Of course they weren’t failures as such… just not behaving as I wanted them to!

So I made them into cards regardless… just not for the official Paperartsy blog post.  Here are the four that have been made into cards so far…





I kept the style of card the same with the black outline one layer onto the card blank.   Nice and simple. 

These are going into the card sale at work to raise money for St Rocco’s so hopefully people will like these little cute cards. The rest of the panels will also get made into cards or stuck in the journal as can’t bear to part with any!

Happy crafting! 


2 thoughts on “More Brusho cards that didn’t quite make the cut”

    1. Absolutely. .. I’m actually actively telling myself to not use them at the moment as I figure I need to vary stuff before everyone gets bored of seeing the same old stuff…. but the joy of using them just keeps pulling me back!

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