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PATWITS circle journal page 2!

Yesterday I shared the page I had made in Linda’s fabulous junk journal that I had produced in super speedy time.  Well the journal had to then sit with me for weeks and I kept stroking it and wanting to do more… so guess what… I did another page!

The beauty of the junk journal is if you want to add another page you can… just add it into the ring binder.  In this case I actually chose to do the reverse of a page Julie had done which was a piece of packaging for Whispers cat food. Very bright purple in colour!

This was a smaller page than the last and only one side (facing another page Julie did full of circles, bright colours and a lovely face). As the surface of the packaging was a little shiny I decided to adhere papers to distract from the original design… but kept it so some was still showing through.  As the brief for this journal is recycling I only used scraps already on my craft desk that would no doubt have been destined for the bin.  This accounts for the shapes to the pieces as they had had things cut out of them.


After this I added some scraps of paint… Haystack and Guacamole Paperartsy fresco paints in particular as they were my most recently purchased supplies.  Next up some stamping in paint and ink to add more texture. In particular some flowers (JOFY 14) as Linda had requested flowers.


I decided to mirror some of Julie’s page using circles and a face. I added the stamped image of the Clare Lloyd stamp  (her faces are so lovely) & added some colour using Pitt Pens.  Then I added the sentiment/quote, JOFY 14 again to finish off the page.  With drying time and other projects on the go it took me over a week to do this in total… but still amazed it came together reasonably quickly.  Sorry I forgot process pics!


Happy crafting!


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