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Sorry about the irregularity in posting this past week.  It’s been a bad week for anxiety, work issues and the parents are visiting from Spain so no craft room to disappear into and create from.  I have however been working on something crafty in a few spare moments… It’s time for the annual advent calendar making session to start and this year something different is going on. 
I am doing this with a few friends starting Monday … I bought the mdf christmas tree calendar from hobbycraft and we are going to decorate them.  I’ve started mine… as needed to do a bit of a test of how to and make sure we could do it ….

The starting point is a very dull wooden tree with little drawers….

I removed the drawers and painted the front with a cream coloured acrylic paint.


Then I gessoed the front of the drawers and left them to dry.


Next I chose 4 designs of drawer…
Red paint…


Blue paint (the princess is blue obsessed!)


Pretty decoupage paper in blue, red and cream…


then had to have some glitter…. Note I hate loose glitter normally!


This is as far as I’ve got so far… but have numbers to paint and little embellishments to add plus the outside edges of the tree need doing… and maybe the back???

So much to do on this… so much so it’s now turned into a two session event to get it finished… and all to be done before 1st Dec!

Happy crafting!


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