Glittering over the cracks

My head is not good at the moment. I am struggling with my anxiety. I think life has just got a bit too much for my levels of resilience and so major anxiety attacks have taken over. Hopefully it will be a short lived affair as I am employing all the techniques I know to survive and then thrive… so hopeful of normal service resuming.  I did have to postpone a class with friends tonight as I didn’t have the energy to get through it… but I did manage to get mucky fingers glittering over the cracks.


Last week I think we did the top coat of glue a little early whilst the bottom layer wasn’t entirely dry… and this has resulted in and interesting and undesirable effect of cracking on all the glittered drawers.

So it was time to get the tacky glue out and then sprinkle more glitter for a second coat.  This time I am going to leave them to dry much longer before the top coat of glaze goes one.

As for me.  I’m going to snuggle up under a blanket and practice a little self care.

See you on the other side.

Happy crafting!


1 thought on “Glittering over the cracks

  1. Hope the crafting is helping to ease the anxiety and stress. Look after yourself. {{{hugs}}} Bec xx

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