Christmas card competition … me versus the hubby

The hubby challenged me to a card competition using similar stash and we had to come up with our own designs.  My parents are the judges and they had to work out whose was whose and which was best.

So here are the two entries…

Card one…



Card two…



I have say I am very worried that his talent might be a tad too good for a beginner!

So can you guess whose is whose? And whose is the better card?

Results from the parents (and an additional third judge of my auntie) were that they guessed and chose in my favour! But accolades given to the hubby for his first card making effort ad being superb. Plus he is claiming a win as the princess had to ask whose is whose when she first saw them. Obviously I still won really… but then again as it’s christmas I might not rub it in too much!

Happy crafting!

Catherine and Vin too!

2 thoughts on “Christmas card competition … me versus the hubby

  1. 1st one’s Vin’s and is a lovely card. But yours is my fave… or the second one is my fave, just in case I got it the wrong way round lol

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