The best of 2015

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So this past twelve months I’ve been upto all sorts in my crafting life. 

There have been regular art journalling sessions with friends exploring different media and techniques.

I’ve introduced some other friends into the joy of crafting.

I’ve joined in with another circle journal and made new friends.

Been privileged to do two projects for the Paperartsy blog.

Been selected as one of the top 5 on Clarity stamp challenge blog.

But there are some crafting exploits I’ve done very little of this year… scrapbooking, sewing, papercutting

Funny how somethings which rule your life for a while, disappear off the agenda without you even realising it. Do I miss these things? Right at this moment not at all.  Will I come back to them at some point? Probably!

Anyways I thought I would re-share my favourite projects from 2015 over this last few days of the year.

I thought I would start with the card I made which got me the top 5 award for the Clarity stamp challenge blog. 

Here is the original blog post

This was an Aquatint splodge background that I added some water drips to then stamped the lovely Clarity stamps over. I edged the card then mounted on a yellow and navy to bring out the colours in the background. I added some card candi and card deemed finished!

Please pop back tomorrow to see what else I’ve deemed a favourite to share with you again!

Happy crafting!


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