The best of 2015… continued some more…

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… yes another best of as picked by me! I suppose I should really say at this stage that it is only my choice of projects I am sharing here … not the ones with the most likes or positive comments.  I do know that using WordPress as my blog host of choice makes it difficult for people to comment or like my posts… but it is the easier choice of those I’ve tried for me to use… so that little aside put to one side I will continue with my favourite projects of this past year.

I’ve not shared any art journalling projects so far in my round up so I have a few to share with you today.  This first one is a spread of pages I did in the circle journal I am involved in.  This was Linda’s junk journal and the theme was flowers and recycling.  I absolutely love this page I did and fully intend to recreate it in some way on a canvas at some point. Here is the original blog including process.

The next is a page in my circle journal that is off travelling the country at the moment and being filled with fabulous art work!  This lists the participants in the circle and I love how this page looks.  The original blog post tells you all about the other pages I did to start the journal off on its journey but this is my favourite page I made!

The next share (yes I have four to share in total) is a page I made way back in January for a Facebook group/art journalling challenge blog run by a friend Rae.  I was pleased with how this page came together and it was an intensive piece of work too. Here is the link to the original post.

Finally I struggled to choose my favourite art journalling from our sessions as a group but think that this from our very first class is hard to beat.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these meanderings around some art journalling from 2015! 

Tomorrow I have some more ‘best ofs’ to share with you. 

Happy crafting!


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