Undefined stamp carving, Use them or Lose them

Happy new year! Introducing the Use them or lose them challenge!

So it is a new year and time for me to clean up my act… well tidy up the craft room at least!  In the last few months my health has not been at its best and I did some thinking about my crafting.  I was struggling to create as I was getting overloaded and have decided to do have a little resort and sense check.

I am guilty of buying new crafting supplies and not really making full use of them.  I am guilty of buying new crafting supplies and then never using them through inertia or lack of inspiration.  No more.  I also have supplies I no longer love or am unlikely to use again. 

So 2016 is the Use them or Lose them year.  I’m going to work through stamp sets to decide if I love them or not and then if they make the grade for staying, so be it. 
I’m also going to start using that massive stash of paper up… If I can’t see a use for it it will not get to stay in my craft room.  Same with dies and embossing folders and any other supplies hanging around.

Anything I can sell, I will.  This way I can reinvest in new supplies…. but only if I can genuinely see why I NEED them.

So who else is like this??? Please tell me I am not alone.  Is anyone else going to join me in the decluttering mission of the year? 

I am also NOT going to join any other challenges with the intention of finishing them… It never happens and then I feel disappointed… so if I never intend to finish them in the first place, disappointment isn’t possible!  I have my circle journal and crafting with friends to keep me going instead. Oh and one more little secret thing going on I can’t tell you about yet! (He he he… you will have to wait for this!).

I didn’t manage to keep to my ‘resolution’ of not buying any tree stamps … Wonderland stamps were my downfall! Nor the one about not buying any christmas paper … blaming the class and commissioned cards for that though and used most of the paper up on paid for projects so think that could be excused.

Going to try my best to try those resolutions again this year… but know full well I will struggle!

Anyways today’s craft is related to a challenge i aim to join in with every december and never manage to… #carvedecember where Julie Fei-fan Balzar inspires us to carve stamps! So last night I finally made a few stamps carved from scraps which will come in handy for a project I have in planning!


The second I made a typical stamp carving mess…

Deliberate error to do it the correct way round which means it is actually the wrong way when stamped.

So rescue job…
Well of a sort!

I then made a few more from the last scraps.

So with the least successful crafting post of the year done with nice and early it’s time to get back on with the decorating of the princess’ bedroom before spending the rest of the day with the parents.

Happy crafting!


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